Volunteers bring art to life

Volunteers help LightHouse kids

Local artists helped their work come to life for some LightHouse students this week.

Last week, students from three LightHouse sites visited Centenary College’s Magale Library for the “Local Color” exhibit. Local artists created piece inspired by north Louisiana plants and wildlife in celebration of the state’s bicentennial.

Exhibit organizer Lucienne Simon wanted to share the art with students.

“I wanted to increase their awareness of the rich variety of plant life we have here,” she said.

So this week, she brought one of the artists with her for a hands-on workshop at each of the sites. Pam Viviano walked the students through using pastels and reminded them that there are no rules in art.

“The only way you become an expert is to go out there and try it,” she said.

Kyntrell and Caleb, both 7, took to the media instantly.

Kyntrell drew a green field, and blending colors together held it up: “This looks real, doesn’t it?”

Next to him, Caleb drew his name, and had fun with the colors saying art was one of his favorite classes.

“You get to create stuff you didn’t know you could create.”

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