Teen volunteer hosts LightHouse awards

Good grades aren’t the only path to success, said Chandler Williams, a faithful LightHouse tutor.

Sometimes a good attitude and hard work are just as important.

She recognized all of these qualities in the first ever “Chandler’s Champions” awards dinner held at the Downtown LightHouse Wednesday.

“I want them to feel rewarded for hard work, and I want them to know it pays off in life to work hard and have a great attitude no matter what,” she said.

Chandler, a junior at Byrd High School has been tutoring at the site once a week since she was in eighth grade, and she has become a part of the family.

champion2“My favorite part is when I walk through the door and all their faces light up with the biggest smiles,” Chandler said. “It makes me even more happy when they get all their homework done and understand the material they’re learning.”

A few months ago, she approached the coordinator with the idea to recognize those students who are exceeding in all the values of the LightHouse: academics; character and service.

“I know how important it is to have cheerleaders in your life to root you on,” she said. “I created Chandler’s Champions in order to make all of these children feel proud and appreciated for their hard work, helpfulness, good grades, attendance, and a great attitude.”

All of the students were invited for dinner of pizza and cupcakes, and then Chandler presented seven of them with awards.

She plans to continue the award ceremony each semester.

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