Timothy’s Story

Timothy’s Story

Timothy, an United States Army Veteran, has struggled with the battle of drug addiction his entire life.

This largely stems from his unstable childhood, as well as his abusive and absent father. Timothy grew up in a world of hurt and disappointment.

In 2015, Timothy spent 6 months at the Volunteers of America Veteran’s Transitional Living Facility, a 43-bed home for Veterans who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. “While I was there, I went to school and obtained a commercial driver’s license. I even bought a car.” Yet, Timothy wasn’t ready to change or deal with his pain.

After leaving the program, he went back to his old drugs habits and was arrested 3 times. That world of chaos lasted two months until he relapsed again.

“It took 36 hours for me to lose my house, car, job, kids and all hope. I was angry, hurt and ashamed,” he shared. “I didn’t even call anyone when I went to jail. I just prepared to ride it out.”

It didn’t take long before Timothy found his way back to Volunteers of America. “I’m proud to tell you I’ve been a resident of the Transitional Living Facility for a year now. The program taught me about honesty and I can now say I’m the reason the program didn’t work the first time. This time, I was ready.”

“Next month, I will be 29 and I’m finally ready to become the man – and the dad – I’ve always wanted to be. I see a future full of things that once terrified me – joy, love and happiness”

Chuck Meehan, President/ CEO, and Timothy at our 2018 Cherish the Children of God Annual Breakfast

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