Technology allows seniors to cruise down memory lane

New technology stirs old memories for seniors at the Adult Day Center.
New technology stirs old memories for seniors at the Adult Day Center.

It only took a few notes for the clients at the Adult Day Health Center to recognize the theme to Bonanza and start reminiscing about some of their favorite shows.

Music stimulate the memory in a powerful way, said Jeff Crane, director of Cruise Online, a special multi-media presentation that visits the center every other month.

“We use it to help with reminiscing sessions and group sessions,” he said.

The presentations are a mix of trivia, film clips and music that instantly engage the participants. Even if they struggle with short-term memory loss due to age or injury, the old music brings them back.

In August, the theme was “westerns” and the staff had the whole facility decorated in cowboy boots and bandanas. For the session, they gathered in the dining room as the presentation projected on the screen.

Crane and his co-worker narrated the slideshow. Crane realized so much material was available online, but often seniors don’t have access to it. Themes revolve around seasons and holidays, as well as one on Big Bands and sports for the fall.

Through these presentations he brings technology and the healing power of nostalgia to them.

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