Rear Admiral Valerie K. Heugel Visits Veteran Programs

Rear Admiral Valerie K. Heugel Visits Veteran Programs 


Recently, Rear Admiral Valerie K. Heugel and Lt. James Adams visited our veteran programs, Veterans Transitional Living Facility and Safe Haven. Before our program visits, she had a brief meet and greet with leadership staff and Board of Director Chair, Shannon Smith, as well as Former Board of Director Chair, Witt Caruthers.

“It’s a pleasure to meet with members of the Volunteers of America leadership in Shreveport and learn about all the hard work they are doing to support our homeless Veterans,” said Rear Admiral Heugel. “Walking through the Veteran facilities, it was impressive to see all the support given to the most vulnerable in the community. I want to thank Volunteers of America and all their partners for everything they do.

Click here to read Rear Admiral Heugel’s U.S. Navy Biography. She is currently the Deputy Commander, Navy Supply Systems Command.

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