Protect Charitable Deductions – spread the word!

We try to stay out of Washington politics, but we have to admit the current discussion about capping or eliminating the charitable deduction has us concerned.

More than half of our giving comes in the last quarter of the year. Any reduction could be devastating to the thousands of men, women and children we serve.

Regardless of the motivation, giving at any level has real impact on the services required of our community. For every dollar spent on the LightHouse alone, the community saves $10 in medical, justice system, and remedial education expenses. In other words, reductions to charitable giving will actually cost taxpayers money.

Unlike other tax incentives, those who claim the charitable deducation receive no personal tangible benefit. This deduction is a means of enriching communities, rather than individual taxpayers.

Please take the time to let your representatives know that capping the charitable deduction is not the solution to the “fiscal cliff” and could be harmful to all communities. Here are ways you can make your voice heard:

  • Call the White House (202-456-1111) and the Speaker (202-225-0600) to deliver the operator this message. (The White House line is open from 9-5 Eastern):
    • The 28% limit on charitable deductions hurts community based organizations serving people in need. Don’t limit charitable deductions!
    • Give your name, city, and state, and tell what the charitable deduction means to the work you do or the services you rely on.
  • Send Tweets to @WhiteHouse and @SpeakerBoehner telling them not to limit charitable deductions using the hashtag #protectgiving.

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