Meals needed for Spring Break volunteers

Meals needed for college volunteers

Once again the national group Students Today, Leaders Forever has chosen Volunteers of America as a stop on their Spring Break tour.

These students have paid to travel the country doing service projects instead of laying on the beach for Spring Break, and we want them to feel welcome. But we need your help!Every year, you help feed these students who provide invaluable assistance to our programs. This year we have three groups staying at the Highland Center. The groups will arrive the evening and then work the next morning.

March 3-4: John Carroll University (30 students)
March 10-11: University of Illinois (40 students)
March 16-17: University of Iowa (40 students) – lunch is covered!

Each group has requested breakfast and bagged lunches. The group from Iowa also asked if we could provide dinner when they arrive.

Meals do not have to be extravagant. Cereal/bagels for breakfast and sandwiches they can take on the bus to their next location will be great.

Contact Tricia Jowell at to volunteer!

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