Keiontae’s Story

Keiontae, a 2018 Byrd High School graduate, has a bright future and one thing is certain—he will be working.

While attending high school, Keiontae had the opportunity to learn a secondary trade at the Caddo Career and Technical Center. This duel-enrollment led to a job shadow his senior year at Holmes Honda. He knew this is where he belonged.

“I’ve been working on cars since I was 12,” he said. “So this is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Keiontae credits the LightHouse Teen Club program for his hard work ethic and motivation.

“Being at the LightHouse made me more dependable and more responsible,” Keiontae shared. “Mrs. Lovelace kept telling me how good of a child I am and it was a motivator to not stop and she kept pushing me to achieve my goals.”

And Keiontae has set high expectations for himself. “I want to do training modules here to become a better technician and then one day go back to school to become a master technician.”

He also wants to encourage LightHouse kids to find their passions in life. Although college may not be the next step for everyone after high school, each person has the potential to succeed.

“Keep pushing towards your goals and don’t stop. It might be tough situations that you have to go through to reach your goals, but don’t let your situations bring you down.”

About Teen Club

Teen Club provides high school students with academic assistance, community service, and a safe place to hang out. Along with encouraging students to graduate from high school and set life goals, the club also requires for students to participate in community service activities.

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