Thanks to our generous community, we are proud to celebrate 31 years of Caring Gifts!


We want to continue changing the lives of thousands who find their way to us through Caring Gifts. Donate to Volunteers of America using the online form below. In return, we will send a beautiful, hand-wrapped angel ornament to everyone on your holiday shopping list. Inside the gift, we also place a card that tells the recipient how the donation someone made in their name will change the lives of those we serve.


By sending a Caring Gifts angel, you will honor those who receive the angel and provide countless opportunities to children and families, veterans, people with disabilities and seniors.


Continue the tradition or start a new one today! 


Celebrating 31 Years of Caring Gifts Donation Form

Please specify the type and dollar amount of "Caring Gifts" you would like to give this holiday season through Volunteers of America North Louisiana.
  • Many people with disabilities and seniors can live in their own home with just a few hours of help each day. Your gift of $100 pays for much needed quality, personal care.
  • High school students in our Teen Club program are preparing for their future and for some, it is a dream to attend college. Your gift of $50 will buy ACT preparation materials, so they can reach their full potential.
  • Did you know around 34% of homeless adults in Shreveport have a mental illness? Your gift of $300 will pay for a week of daily services, support and housing to keep these individuals warm, safe and off the streets.
  • Having the appropriate clothes is often the first step to employment. Your gift of $75 will help buy uniforms, work boots and other necessities to help those in need find jobs and independence.
  • Children who are depressed or stressed because of situations at home struggle to focus in school. Your gift of $250 will pay for a licensed therapist to offer professional counseling to youth in crisis.
  • Veterans often arrive at our housing programs with nothing more than the clothes on their back and a duffel bag. Your gift of $25 will provide them hygiene items, such as shampoo, shaving cream and toothpaste.
  • Transportation is an ongoing issue for many people we serve. Your gift of $159 will provide a SporTran bus pass for ten people trying to get to work or school.
  • School is tough when you don't have pen, paper, uniforms or other supplies. Your gift of $75 will help send a child to school with all the items he or she needs to focus on learning in the classroom.
  • War changes people. Many veterans have trouble adjusting back to civilian life, but they are finding a new path to independence in our programs. Your gift of $500 provides food, shelter and case management for veterans in need.
  • Those who suffer from chronic mental illness are learning new ways to cope and avoid hospitalization. Your gift of $75 will buy craft and art supplies to help with their therapy.
  • Our residents with developmental disabilities love to work in their garden. Your gift of $100 will provide next season's crop of healthy vegetables and a sense of accomplishment for those who plant them.
  • Our licensed partnership with the nation's largest dropout prevention organization, Communities In Schools, brings vital resources and support to students in need. Your gifts of $2,500 pays for ten children to experience a year of opportunity.
  • Celebrate 31 years of changing lives in our LightHouse program by giving a joyous gift that will make a difference for hundreds of children in our community.
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