Become a Volunteer

When Volunteers of America was founded in 1896, volunteering meant stepping forward to commit yourself to a cause. Individuals pledged their whole lives—their hearts, spirits and professional careers to help people in need. Today, our staff of paid professionals adopts this same ideal of service. Yet, we cannot be successful without our dedicated volunteers who give their free time and talent to support our most vulnerable neighbors. 

If you would like to join our ministry of service, follow these steps:


1. Consider where you would like to volunteer. Look through our List of Volunteer Opportunities or create your own project. 


2. Complete our online Volunteer Application form. 


3. Review the Volunteer Policy Manual.


4. Complete the Consent to Background Check form. Return this form and the $20 background check fee  (check or money order preferred) to the Main Office, 360 Jordan St., Shreveport, La. 71101. Minors do not need to complete a background check form. 
If a minor, parents will need to complete the Release and Acknowledgement Form. 


5. Once the background check is completed, you will be contacted by Shelby McCarty, Community Engagement Coordinator, to schedule a time to meet with the Program Coordinator.


Volunteers may be contacted within the first month and six months for their feedback on the placement. Volunteers may also be asked to complete a evaluation survey once a year.


Thank you for whatever service you can give.

For more information about our Volunteer Program, contact Shelby McCarty, Community Engagement Coordinator.