HUD Housing Board


Thank you for agreeing to serve on the Volunteers of America North Louisiana’s Board for our six HUD housing developments. These complexes ensure some of our most vulnerable neighbors have safe, quality, affordable housing. More than just shelter, these developments allow residents to live with dignity and as much independence as possible. 


In the early 1990s, Volunteers of America National developed six housing properties for low-income people with disabilities. These were funded through a couple of different HUD programs that made the developments affordable for the organization to develop and thus for the residents to rent.

On December 2, 2019, Volunteers of America North Louisiana became the sponsor/owner representative of these properties.



Unit rents are determined by the operating-based budget submitted to HUD each year. Tenants pay rent equal to 30% of their adjusted income and HUD subsidizes the remaining portion of rent due.


Board role/responsibility:

Attend annual meeting to review the overall financial and physical condition of each property and to comply with corporate articles and bylaws. The board is appointed by the sponsor, Volunteers of America North Louisiana. Under HUD regulations, the board does NOT have to approve the annual budget not accept an annual audit. The board does hire/fire the management agent, currently Volunteers of America North Louisiana, who is responsible for the budget, audit, and all required reports and communications with HUD and the board.


The following are various documents to help understand each property:

Properties and Populations:




  • Greenwood Lodge
  • Corbitt Lodge
  • Independence Lodge
  • Independence Meadows
  • New Haven
  • Pine Haven