Employee Information

Happy 2018! Although it would be easy to let employee training take the back seat during this hectic time, please encourage your staff to attend trainings as they are available. We have a some unique trainings this month that will not be offered again soon, and we want to ensure everyone can take advantage of these opportunities!



Click here for Employee Training Course Catalog.

FRAUD REPORTING HOTLINE WEBSITE – https://www.lla.la.gov/report-fraud/ 

ETHICS HOTLINE NUMBER – 1-800-862-8482

One of our most important roles is to help create the best possible work environment for everyone in our organization. Enjoying our jobs is an obvious result. We should also have the comfort of knowing that we work in a safe, secure and ethical workplace.
To enhance communication and empower you, we now have an ethics and compliance Hotline number. This system will replace our internet-based reporting system, EthicsPoint.