Evergreen Forever

You have already made a huge difference in our community through your Evergreen Society commitment to Volunteers of America. Through Evergreen Forever, you can leave a gift in perpetuity that will continue to change the lives of men, women and children for generations to come.

In the words of the Rev. Don Webb, an Evergreen Forever gift represents an eternal love. “By it our hurting kin are made glad, knowing someone’s love is lifting them to a new level of life. We’re made glad knowing we are now doing what we were born for, and it won’t ever die. God’s heart is made glad, as more of his stronger children have become his co-workers and more of his hurting children are helped to be whole and happy.” 

How does Evergreen Forever work?

You can make a gift in one of several ways to our Endowment Fund, which is invested. Each year Volunteers of America will use a portion of the fund to continue a Cherish the Children Society membership in your name, forever. The rest is reinvested so we do not have to touch the principal, and the fund will make annual distributions in perpetuity. 

How much do I need to continue to my current pledge?

A gift of: • $25,000 may produce an estimated annual income of $1,000* • $250,000 may produce an estimated annual income of $10,000* • $625,000 may produce an estimated annual income of $25,000* * based on an estimated 4% investment return 

How can I make my gift?

You can fund your Evergreen Forever endowed amount fully during your lifetime in one or more installments; partially during your lifetime in one of more installments with any unfunded portion paid from you estate; or fully from your estate at your death. Securities and other assets may be used as well. Your attorney or financial planner can help you with the right language to ensure your wishes are fulfilled. 

Who should I speak to about establishing an Evergreen Forever gift?

Please contact Chuck Meehan, President/CEO, or Lisa Brandeburg, Vice President of Development and Communications, at 318.221.2669 for more information.