Children & Families

Volunteers of America works diligently to strengthen and stabilize the family core, by providing resources and education for parents and expectant mother and promoting effective parenting techniques.


In partnership with the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS), we promote the safety, well-being and permanence of children and families. Our goal is to reduce child neglect and abuse, family disruption and violence by working alongside parents to help them learn new life skills so that they can become better parents and provide better futures for their families. We focus on effective parenting techniques, positive discipline, improved communication skills, and child management. We provide the support needed to enhance family functionality and healthy child development. 

For more information, contact Cynthia Madison.


This program is designed to increase confidence and competence for parents as they teach and model learning for their child. During a typical home visit, the parent educator will work with the parents in sharing child development information and help them recognize the developmental milestones for their child. Our role is to offer the parent support and positive reinforcement as they thrive in their roles as the child’s first teacher. 

For more information, contact Catina Briggs.