Affordable Housing Solutions



Our goal is to provide short-term assistance to any individual experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. Through monthly street outreach events we bring the community together to provide instant, on-site resources and services such as personal hygiene items, clothing, medical screenings, haircuts, food, legal counsel, and much more. For qualifying individuals we provide greater, intensive support in helping move them off the streets and into a home of their own.

For more information, contact Karen Williams.  


Countless families struggle to make ends meet just to provide food on the table and a roof over their heads.  Many of them are just one incident away from finding themselves on the street with nowhere to turn.  Rapid Rehousing is an approach that emphasizes moving recently homeless families and individuals into permanent homes as quickly as possible. Our provision of services is critical and time-limited. Our staff provide home-based stabilization services that lead to housing retention in a stable environment. Rental assistance is provided typically for 3-6 months with priority given to families with children and those fleeing domestic violence situations.

For more information, contact Tammy Marshall.


This program provides permanent, supportive housing at a subsidized rate for individuals with severe and chronic mental illness. We provide in-home support services to help residents maintain their housing and become healthy and active members in the community. Our goal is to ensure not only independent living, but also to decrease their hospitalization and stabilize their mental health.  Residents must comply with a standard leasing agreement and will engage in ongoing support, counseling and treatment.

For more information, contact Karen Williams.


As Veterans continue to struggle when they return home from war and leave the service, we hope to prevent homelessness and make it easier for them to find safe and stable housing. We provide short-term supportive services to very low-income Veterans and their families living in or transitioning to permanent housing. Program participation is typically 3-6 months of financial housing assistance and support to ensure our honored Veterans are thriving and succeeding.

For more information, contact Cynthia Marbs.


New Haven Square and Pine Haven Place are lovely, cozy, independent living complexes designed for individuals who are diagnosed with severe and chronic mental illnesses. These 18-unit apartments are fully managed and operated by Volunteers of America by which we provide the residents an on-site Manager who is available after hours in case of emergencies as well as a Service Coordinator who is able to connect residents to community resources to remain living in independent housing and increase their self-sustainability.

For more information, contact Kelley Long.


Successful reentry programs give former offenders opportunities to support themselves through legitimate and productive work, reducing recidivism and improving public safety.  Once an individual reenters society, their likelihood of becoming a contributing member of their community is dependent on whether they can secure meaningful employment, find a place to live, and have the education and skills necessary to advance in life. Turning Point Reentry will help individuals overcome one or more of these barriers and will collaborate with other community resources to supplement other services.

For more information, contact Karen Williams.