Spread Christmas cheer through Caring Gifts! 

We want to continue changing the lives of thousands who find their way to us through our holiday campaign, Caring Gifts. Donate to Volunteers of America using the online form below. In return, we will send a beautiful, hand-wrapped angel ornament to everyone on your holiday shopping list. Inside the gift, we also place a card that tells the recipient how the donation someone made in their name will change the lives of those we serve.



By sending a Caring Gifts angel, you will honor those who receive the angel and provide countless opportunities to children and families, those needing affordable housing and individuals with chronic mental illness.


Start a new holiday tradition today! 


  * December 2nd is the first day of mailing 2019 Caring Gifts angels.  

Central Louisiana 2019 Caring Gifts Donation Form

Please specify the type and dollar amount of "Caring Gifts" you would like to give this holiday season through Volunteers of America in Central Louisiana.
  • Families go hungry every night in Central Louisiana, especially when most of their income goes towards paying rent and utilities. Your gift of $25 will help provide several meals to a family that might not get one in the evenings.
  • Finding a job is one thing, and having the appropriate attire can make the difference in staying employed. Your gift of $35 will help buy uniforms, work boots and other necessities to help those in need find jobs and independence.
  • We want every child to feel confident in Kindergarten, but many single moms don't have enough support of their own to prepare their child. Your gift of $50 will ensure each child is ready to start their first day of school.
  • Many who suffer with severe and chronic mental illness have no family members or support systems of their own. Your gift of $100 pays for much needed person care, so every person feels important and loved.
  • Families with children and those fleeing domestic violence often arrive at our doorstep with nothing more than a few boxes and the clothes on their backs. Your gift of $150 will help provide hygiene and other household items, so families can start a new year.
  • Transportation is a major issue for most of the people we serve. Your gift of $200 will provide a ATrans bus pass for five people trying to get to work.
  • On any given night in Rapides Parish, there are more than 100 homeless individuals living on the streets. Your gift of $300 will help pay for food, shelter, clothing, hygiene items and direct assistance to help move them into warm and stable housing.
  • Did you know there are more than 4,000 children in the foster care system in Louisiana? Your gift of $500 will help provide parents with the tools and resources needed to keep families together.
  • War changes people. Many veterans have trouble adjusting to life in the civilian world, but they are finding help and support through our Supportive Services for Veteran Families. Your gift of $1,000 provides food, shelter and support for a veteran moving toward independence.
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