Thomas’ Story

Thomas’ Story If you have ever walked inside the Highland Center, chances are Thomas greeted you with a sweet “hello” and a huge smile. But behind Thomas’ smile is a history of struggle. Thomas was first hospitalized with Schizophrenia when he was 14 years old. Since then, his life has been filled with hospitals, counselors, and

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The Youngblood Family

Demarcus (age 11), Bobby (age 9), Rayshad (age 7) and their younger sister, Angel (age 5), have grown up in the LightHouse program. They started at the Bossier location in the housing projects on Scott Street. The LightHouse provided a sanctuary from the violence and drugs of the neighborhood. As well, it alleviated some of

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Hank’s Story

Raised in a loving, stable family, Hank decided the National Guard was his best option after high school. At that time they hadn’t deployed in years, so his first shock was  orders to Bosnia, and there he watched the Sept. 11 attacks. Shortly after returning home, he was training to go to Iraq. As part

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