Senior Leadership Team


Charles Meehan
President/Chief Executive Officer

Ken Beatty
Chief Operating Officer 

Lisa Brandeburg
Executive Vice President, Communications and Development

Kyra Ebarb
Human Resources Director

Lauren Findley
Vice President, Behavioral Health

Melissa Godinez
Vice President, Strategic Operations

Carolyn Hammond
Vice President, Children and Families

Donny Jackson
Senior Program Director, Supervised Independent Living

Candace Jackson
Regional Director, Housing 

Gary Jaynes
Division Director, Veteran Services

Tricia Jowell
Director, Communications

Jeannie Kanode
Division Director, Housing Services

Diane Libro
Quality Assurance Manager 

Jack Parker
Logistics Support Manager 

Yolanda Thomas
Division Director, Care Coordination 

Jennifer Trowbridge
Chief Financial Officer

Karen Williams
Regional Division Director, Central Louisiana