Our Ministry of Service

Most people realize the work of Volunteers of America is a ministry, but few know that we are also a church. Volunteers of America is a Christian organization, established in 1896 by Christian social reformers Ballington and Maud Booth.  The mission of the organization, as stated in 1896, is “to reach and uplift all people and bring them to the knowledge and active service of God.”

Led by our Chaplain, John Henson, Volunteers of America North Louisiana’s ministry of service is comprised of local staff who are commissioned ministers and all serve on our ministry team. We only have two services a year – one service during Holy Week and the other service during the holiday season. Each service features our Vision of Hope choir. 

Former Board member the Rev. Don Webb called Volunteers of America a “church without walls,” saying: “He clearly intended that any church claiming to be of Christ would above all want to be like Christ, and, in God’s love, try to serve those who need help. … But we Methodists – Catholics, Baptists, whatever – do need our own nurturing in faith! So on Sundays, we go to our own Mother Church.”

Today we welcome people of all faiths to share in our ministry of service, to uplift their neighbors and serve God by serving others.